What Makes Mephedrone Different from Other Drugs


With a plethora of slang names, regular terms and scientific terms for an array of drugs made available to the people on the black market, mephedrone has been a name that tends to lack recognition in the world of marijuana, cocaine and heroin abuse. At times, you must often wonder what is mephedrone and what does it do? Whether the drug is dangerous?

Understanding Mephedrone

Mephedrone has been an integral part of the cathinone family. It has been a group of drugs that have been closely related to amphetamines, which is inclusive of speed, ecstasy and meth. It has been considered a powerful stimulant. Although, not much has been clear about the long term effects from mephedrone abuse, the drug often tends to produce instant effects of alertness, euphoria and affectionate feelings for people around. The downside of mephedrone, which is also known as ‘meow,’ involves a sensation of anxiety and paranoia in the abuser. It could also over-stimulate the nervous system of the body, blood circulation and the heart.


Mephedrone could be described as a powdery yellowish, off-white or white substance, which has been known to resemble cocaine closely. Due to the similarity in appearance between heroin, meth, cocaine and mephedrone, it could be difficult to tell whether mephedrone has been exactly what it really is. In other words, it could most probably be mistaken for another drug. The chemical composition of the drug would be more difficult to be sure of. As a result, compositions and purities could vary with every purchase, every dealer and every batch. This enhances health risks of taking the drug, as harmful side effects could result in risk to life. It would depend on the chemical combination as well.

Mephedrone was taken to be a legal substitute to heroin, meth and cocaine. The stimulant properties have been known to produce a rush same as that of meth and heroin. It also produces alert stimulation, which has been popular with use of cocaine. It would also be sold as plant food or bath salts online. The only method sellers have been able to distribute the drug legally would be to name it under the pretext of not ideal for human consumption. It was printed on the label. Despite the label informing the users about the substance not made for human consumption, it was the only method how mephedrone was being sold easily. Long term effects of mephedrone have still been unclear, as the drug has been known to hold very high potential for addiction.