Van Gaal Dismisses Suggestions That Mourinho is to Replace Him


Appearing undaunted in recent interviews, Louis van Gaal dismissed suggestions that Jose Mourinho is set to replace him when his contract finishes in 2017 after Mourinho’s representatives made it known that they had held talks with the team on multiple occasions.

The controversial Manchester United manager, who is now in his second season of being in charge, firmly believes that Mourinho will not be offered the job by United and that such a cloak-and-dagger offer would be duplicitous given the seemingly normal working relationship of van Gaal and the Manchester United Football Club organisation.



Both men have been seen by many as somewhat controversial figures in the world of professional football, and both have had and continue to have their share of detractors for a number of reasons, mainly misgivings over their management style and capabilities.

There has been a great deal of debate, no small amount of dispassion, and even genuine ill will from Manchester United fans both in the real world and online as to whether Louis van Gaal is a suitable choice and a good fit as current manager. This is due in part to the style of play he is known to encourage and his hiring policies. Perhaps the biggest point of contention is the recent string of four bitter defeats in a row, leaving the team five points behind fourth-placed Arsenal.

Both men are known for their passion for the sport, expecting nothing less than the best from their players, with van Gaal in particular making extensive replacements. Professional football, especially at this level, requires regular injections of fresh blood, and many small-time managers utilize numerous resources such as soccer drill videos from Website and others to give their players the best possible future.


Although misgivings from fans about van Gaal – and possibly even from the organisation itself if Mourinho’s representatives are to be believed – are well-established, it’s worth bearing in mind that Mourinho himself has weathered a fair amount of controversy. He remains a very divisive figure in international football both in and out of the game for his mercurial temperament and intense behaviour, which has been directed at fans or opposition fans and managers, sports media and even football officials – not to mention the infamous eye poke of 2011!