Side Effects of the Testosterone Drugs


Axiron is the drug used in hormone replacement therapy where the patient has the disability to produce testosterone in the gonads. Both men and women can have this problem. Men will have problem in testes while women have problem in ovaries. This problem is better known as hypogonadism. It should be used by people who are above a8 and should not be used by below this age at any cost. Normally topical axiron gel is applied using a small patch which can be worn as skin patch under the armpits. Also it can be applied in the form of gel.

Dosage of the drug

People who use this drug should be very careful with the dosage. It should not be used in high dosage and not longer than the recommended period as it found to have adverse effect on the user if used for longer period of time. There are several side effects with the usage of this drug. Some of the side effects are hair loss, shrinking testicles, ejaculation getting reduced and lower sperm count, depression and abnormal change in appetite. Total recommended dosage for a healthy person is 60mg. This is applied as 2 pumps of gel under the arms daily. It should not cross 60mg. It is the only recommended dosage. It may reduce further based on the doctor’s recommendation. He will recommend the dosage based on the patient condition. It may reduce or increase. If the recommended serum testosterone level is below 300-1050 ng/dl then the dosage may be increased to 90 mg or daily applying will be 3 pumps under the arm. If the tested serum level is above 1050 the dosage may be reduced to 30 mg or around that. If the patient’s tested serum level exceeds 1050 on regular basis the treatment should be stopped immediately to avoid any side effects.

There are some side effects to the user that may take place even if the usage is under the recommended levels. The place where the patch is applied might become red and sore. Some of other side effects as informed by the regular users are headache, vomiting, increase in the red blood cell count and weight gain. It should not be applied on children and any adult below the age of 18. Also those who can use legally also should take some precautions before applying the gel in their body. They should wash their hands with the soap and dry them using towel immediately after applying the gel. Also they should wash any clothes if used or get in contact with the gel immediately. This is to prevent from gel getting passed to others who are not supposed to use the same. The dosage should be taken for 2 to 3 weeks from the day of using it for first time and should not be continued at any cost beyond that period. Also ensure you check the legal status in the country where you are residing as it comes under controlled drugs category.