Controlling Your Cholesterol Level with Ezetimibe


Imbalanced cholesterol level is the major health issue all over the world. A lot of factors are responsible for the higher level of bad cholesterol in a human being including unhealthy eating habits, wrong lifestyle and various others. Due to these reasons, a person also starts to develop other health related problems such as cardio vascular disorders, high blood sugar and others. It is important to control the cholesterol levels before they worsen.

Ezetimibe is one of the most popular synthetic drugs, which are prescribed to people to reduce the higher cholesterol level in human being. Its brand name is Ezetrol or Zetia. It can also be used alone or in the combination with statins. This drug is mainly prescribed to reduce the higher levels of cholesterol. It is advised to the person taking this drug that certain changes should be done to get the desired results of this drug. The lifestyle, diet, weight should also be corrected. Moreover, performing exercises on a regular basis can give better results if you are taking this drug because it will lower the cholesterol level naturally.


Stay healthy with optimum level of cholesterol

The major role of this drug is to prevent the digestion of the cholesterol. It is taken through mouth in the form of tablets. The dosage of this drug depends on your age because it is not suggested to individuals below 10 years of age. For the patients above 10 years of age, the prescribed dose is 10 mg once in a day. You can take it with or without food. The patients are also advised to follow balance diet and exercise regime to reduce the levels lower. The schedule of the dosage depends on how well the patient responds to the medicine. It has also been noticed that even if you take it for three times a week, it will prove to be effective on your cholesterol levels.

The doctor will advise you to eat protein rich, low fat food and avoid spicy foods. It is highly recommended not to start taking this medicine before your health care provider has checked you properly. It will help you avoid a number of Ezetimibe side effects. Some of the noticeable side effects of taking this medicine include joint pain, runny nose, headache, dizziness and sore throat. If you are taking this drug and you encounter any of these issues, you must bring into the notice of your health care provider immediately.